​​Tree Varieties

Price List for 2019


Autumn Blaze Maple         Price: $285     Special: $200 

A fast growing maple with brilliant fall color that lasts a long time.             

Height: 50'     Spread: 40'     Shape: Upright branching, broadly oval           

Fall color: Red-orange    

Sold as: 2"-2 1/2" caliber     12' tall and well branched

 Colorado Spruce       Green: $150    Blue $200                       An evergreen tree, keeping its foliage year-round. Grows at a medium rate, with a height increase from less than 12" to 24" per year.                                            

Height: 50'-75''     Spread: 10'-20'     Shape: Pyramidal 

Fall color: green

Sold as: 5'-6' tall

​Deborah Maple     Price:$250      Special:$165    

Upright head with brilliant red spring foliage which turns to dark green.

Height: 50'     Spread: 40'     Shape: Broadly oval to rounded

Fall color: Golden yellow

Sold as: 2"-2 1/2" caliber     12' tall

Celebration Maple     Price:$285    Special:$190

A fast-growing cultivar that develops an upright, pyramidal form with a dense crown that resists breakage. 

Height: 40'-50'     Spread: 25'    Fall color: Yellow Orange to Red orange

Sold as: 2"-2 1/2" caliber     12' tall

Green Mountain Sugar Maple   ​Price:$275   Special:$175

Extremely uniform grower with dark green leaves.      ​sold out

Height: 65'     Spread: 50'     Shape: Broadly oval

Fall color: Orange and scarlet

Sold as: 2"-2 1/2" caliber     12' tall

​Autumn Radiance Maple     Price:$250   Special:$175

Red flowers along the branches in early spring before the leaves.

In fall it has vibrant and consistent fall color.

Height: 50'    Spread: 25'     Shape: Upright  

Fall color: Red

Sold as: 2"- 2 1/2" caliber     12' tall

Royal Red Maple             Price: $285     Special: $185

Large glossy leaves remain a bright maroon red all season, changing to a red-bronze in fall.

Height: 40'     Spread: 30'     Shape: Oval​             sold out

Fall color: Red-bronze

Sold as: 2"-2 1/2" caliber     10' tall


October Glory Maple    Price:$250   Special:$150

Its known for its rapid growth and enduring fall color. Orange-Red

leaves last longer than most maples.

Height:50'   Spread:40'

Fall Color: Orange-Red 

Sold as: 2 - 2 1/2"     12' tall


Shademaster Honey Locust     Price:$210    Special:$150     

Features upright ascending then spreading branches which produce an irregular vase shaped form.             

Height: 45'     Spread: 35'     Shape: Vase shaped           

Fall color: Yellow   

Sold as: 1 3/4 - 2" caliber     12' tall

 Sunburst Honey Locust     ​Price:$270    Special:$160          

A fast growing tree. The new foliage emerges with a bright gold hue, and retains some yellow color all year long.

Height: 40'     Spread: 30'     Shape: Open irregular

Fall color: Yellow

Sold as: 2"-2 1/2" caliber     12' tall

Greenspire Linden     Price:$270    Special:$165   

A rapid grower with a narrow oval head and straight trunk. Excellent for street or home planting.

Height: 50'     Spread: 35'     Shape: Oval

Fall color: Golden yellow     Flower: Creamy yellow

Sold as: 2"-2 1/2" caliber     12' tall

New Horizon Elm       Price:$270    Special:$170

A large-growing elm introduced from Wisconsin that's highly resistant to the dreaded Dutch Elm Disease; this vigorous shade tree is very tolerant to adverse conditions.

Height: 60'     Spread: 40'     Shape: Upright in habit

Fall color: Yellow

Sold as: 3 - 3 1/2" caliber     14' tall

​Prairifire FLOWERING CRAB      price: $130    Special:$110

Upright when young, rounding with age, very disease tolerant. Foliage; red-purple, matures to dark green.

Height: 20' Spread: 20'  Rounded Flowers: pinkish-red, buds red: Fruit: 1/2" red-purple   Sold as 6' tall

Pink Spires FLOWERING CRAB   Price: $130   Special:$110

Upright rounded form. Red-Purplish foliage in spring, green-bronze in summer. 

Height: 25'  Spread: 15'  Shape: Upright rounded.   Flower: Rose-Pink with purple red fruit.    Sold as 6' tall